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Enhancing Migration Management in the Western Balkans

The Project aims at deepening regional cooperation by developing a community of practice of professionals dealing with managing the migration flows in the Western Balkans. 
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The goal is to enhance regional cooperation and capacity in managing migration challenges, through building skills and knowledge of professionals dealing with migration issues including but not limited to experts in in law enforcement, border control, and security through technical level courses, fostering dialogue and collaboration through the high-level Sarajevo Migration Dialogue, and creating a sustainable framework for continuous improvement in migration management in line with realities in the region and with respect of international norms including human rights, refugee and migration law.

The project aligns with international legal frameworks such as the UN Convention on Refugees and EU migration policies. The training initiatives aim to support the integration of national policies with EU standards governing the Schengen area. By fostering regional cooperation, the initiatives align with broader international strategies for managing migration flows effectively and promoting stability in the Western Balkans.

Strategic Domain
Status Ongoing
Implementers FAO
Partners Ministry of Security BiH
Projects implemented in Global/regional project